Group Two Is On Board!


The Group Two is a group formation for the Exploring Non-Bionormative Prosthesis Design class. The aim of our project is to understand the needs of people living with disability and design a prosthesis that can help them.

Emese Thamó


Emese is a design BA2 student.

Ádám Teket

3D modeling

Ádám is a design MA2 student.

Bálint Honvári


Bálint is a graphic design MA1 student.



The prosthetic design class is working together with Luca, who can introduce us to her experiences and everyday life as a person living with disability, specifically having her left forearm missing.

As the task of this class we had to try to bring objects that we thought was hard to use for people with a missing arm. Luca demonstrated weather she can use them and if so, how. This was useful to find out in what areas she could use help.

After the workshop with Luca, we started to brainstorm some ideas. We came up with two areas in which we might be able to create something useful. One is cooking, as a baking tray or a pot can be large and heavy, they require both hands. We thought about some kind of prosthesis that can attach the object to the elbow stem.

The other are wee were interested in is cycling. As we got to learn from Luca, she can ride the bike, but we thought about coming up with a prosthesis to make it more convenient and safe.

3D print testing


We printed a few existing models to familiarize ourselves with the 3D printer and meet difficulties before it comes to printing our own design. We printed nine pieces, two of which were fawlty. We did miss to spray the tray in advance, which might have been the issue.

Disability Workshop


We had a workshop with Anita Takar, a primary school teacher who is working with children with disabilities. The workshop was interactive and we had the chance to try various toys and tools from the school. We had to complete tasks, to better understand what is it like playing, communicating and doing tasks for these children.