Renata Dezso's journey through industrial design, media design, artistic practices in the virtual and analogue world, digital crafts, and academic experiences has provided her with an extensive toolbox of methods and techniques for design and research. She explores the interplay between digital and analogue design processes, uncovering the interwoven reality from various perspectives.



  • 2016-2022 Doctor of Liberal Arts at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest (MOME) Doctoral School
  • 1998-2003 Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest (MOME) Master’s in industrial design, Department of Design
  • 2002 Erasmus scholarship at Universität Duisburg-Essen, Standort Essen, Germany


co-Ability | Aligned arguments for the dissolution of a human “centre”



  • 2023 Research Associate at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest
  • 2020- 2022 Head of Object design BA program MOME
  • 2020-2021 Head of Jewellery and Metal design MA program at MOME
  • 2017-2020 Assistant lecturer at MOME
  • 2016 Invited lecturer at MOME
  • 2016-2019 Educator & Researcher at MOME Digital Craft Lab
  • 2016-2018 Educator & Researcher at MOME Transfer Lab


  • 2013- 2017 Freedee Printing Solutions | Industrial Designer, 3D printing specialist
  • 2014 Designer at Acetánia – vinegar Museum | Exhibition space design
  • 2011-2012 Sterling Contemporary Jewelry Gallery, Communication
  • 2010-2011 Designer at defo lab Budapest
  • 2008-2010 Daniele Bogiatto Company / Italy | Art Director
  • 2006-2007 IF design / Italy | Naval Design, CAD Designer
  • 2005-2007 Riforma – weekly newspaper / Italy | Illustrator


  • 2023 Speaker (EN) with full-paper contribution, “Experiential knowledge and the role of prototypes in design research”, International Conference 2023 of the DRS Special Interest Group on Experiential Knowledge (EKSIG) is hosted by the Department of Design, Politecnico di Milano, Italy.
  • 2023 Speaker (En) 9th Science & Technology Studies (STS) Italia Conference, organized by Italian Society of Science and Technology Studies, in collaboration with the Department of Philosophy and Communication and the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the University of Bologna.
  • 2023 Speaker (En) NERD Take Five – New Experimental Research in Design, organized by Berlin Open Lab, Berlin University of the Arts.
  • 2020 Journal article: Co-designing for inclusion in international/ interdisciplinary teams, International Journal of Education Through Art, Band 16, Nummer 2, 1. Juni 2020, S. 177-196 (20) Publisher: Intellect, DOI:
  • 2019 Book article (H) ’A gondoskodó tervezés és gyakorlati reflexiók’. In, (Budapest, Hungary: ELTE Bárczi Gusztáv Gyógypedagógiai Kar), pp. 154–166. ISBN:9789637155888 (
  • 2019 Book article (H) “Co-design – Oktatási programsorozat a gondoskodó tervezés jegyében.” In EGYÜTT OKTATUNK ÉS KUTATUNK! INKLUZÍV MEGKÖZELÍTÉS A FELSŐOKTATÁSBAN, Budapest: Bárczi Gusztáv Gyógypedagógiai Kar, 195–205. ( )
  • 2019 Full Paper presentation (En) at 8th biannual Nordic Design Research Society (Nordes) conference at Aalto University, Finland (
  • 2019 Speaker (En) at Design Culture & Somaesthetics Conference Budapest /Hosted by: MOME Doctoral School Design Culture Studies Doctoral Program and the Hungarian Forum of Somaesthetics
  • 2019 Speaker (En) Fifteenth International Conference on Technology, Knowledge & Society CosmoCaixa Barcelona, Spain
  • 2019 Speaker (En) Thirteenth International Conference on Design Principles & Practices at St. Petersburg University, Mikhailovskaya Dacha Campus
  • 2018 Invited moderator (H) at the 6th Disability Studies Conference “DIVERSITY AS A SOCIAL VALUE?” at the ELTE Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest
  • 2018 Speaker (En) at D’Art: Teaching Artistic Research Conference, Vienna Solo presentation at Session 3: Hybrid Pedagogies: Teaching for Interdisciplinarity Group presentation with Ruth MATEUS-BERR ao. Univ.-Prof. Mag. art. Dr. phil. University of Applied Arts Vienna, Stephan Trimmel, Lászlo Lukács, Julijana Rosoklija, Gabriela Urrutia Reyes, Hanna-Christina Mannsberger
  • 2018 Speaker (En) at CFP International Conference, Somaesthetics: Between the Human Body and Beyond, Szeged, Hungary
  • 2017 Speaker (H) at the 5th Disability Studies Conference at the Eötvös Loránd University in the framework of the 14th Festival of Hungarian Science, sponsored by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences alongside seven Fulbright alumni presenters. ISBN 978-963-7155-72-7



  • 2022 GILLO DORFLES AWARD of the fourteenth International Design Contest Trieste Contemporanea BASICS for the best project. (
  • 2021 Grant of National Cultural Fund of Hungary development of a glass collection
  • 2019-2020 New National Excellence Program Scholarship (ÚNKP)
  • 2019-2020 Die Aktion Österreich-Ungarn, Wissenschafts- und Erziehungskooperation 101öu14 Knowledge Sharing Programm im Zeichen von co-Ability Research Founding
  • 2019 Emerging Scholar Award from Common Ground Research Network at Fifteenth International Conference on Technology, Knowledge & Society (
  • 2018-2019 New National Excellence Program Scholarship (ÚNKP)
  • 2019 Campus Mundi scholarship for outgoing students, short-term doctoral research, Thirteenth International Conference on Design Principles & Practices, St. Petersburg
  • 2019 Campus Mundi scholarship for outgoing students, short-term doctoral research, Fifteenth International Conference on Technology, Knowledge & Society, Barcelona
  • 2016-2020 Doctoral government fellowship
  • 2017-2018 Grant of National Cultural Fund of Hungary (NKA) at MOME | managing organiser of knowledge Sharing Exchange Program between MOME and the University of Applied Arts Vienna
  • 2018 Grant from the National Cultural Fund of Hungary (NKA) for 3D printing activities
  • 2018-2019 Grant of National Cultural Fund of Hungary (NKA) at MOME
  • the managing organiser of an international exchange program between MOME and KU Leuven University ANTHROPOLOGY OF DISABILITY RESEARCH LINE
  • 2002 Erasmus scholarship at Universität Duisburg-Essen, Standort Essen, Germany



  • 2023 Alchemy of Knowledge: Transdisciplinary entanglements of Artificial Biology, Robotics, and Art, aqb Project Space, Budapest
  • 2023 5th Glass Spring Glass exhibition, Budapest
  • 2022 International group exhibition, ABRA exhibition ‘Radical Speculations: Artificial Biology and Robotics meet Art and Architecture’ at Dipoli Gallery, Aalto University, Helsinki
  • 2022 International openair group exhibition titled’ Monuments to Impermanence’ at Mount Saint George (Szent György-hegy) – a volcano in Western Hungary. Organised by Umwelt Art&Science Summer Academy
  • 2022 International group exhibition titled’ Shaping – Year of Glass’ at the Roman Cultural Institute Budapest- ICR Budapesta
  • 2022 National group exhibition HOMAGE A’ GLASS, De la Motte-Beér Palota, Kiskép-Galéria
  • 2022 National group exhibition 4. th GlasSpring – Magyar Kortárs Üvegművészeti Kiállítás a Klebelsberg Kultúrkúria
  • 2022 International group exhibition, International Art Education Achievement Exhibition of Teachers & Students, Gengdan Institute of Beijing University of Technology
  • 2020 International online group exhibition co-ABILITY Design Practises, Matter and Mind in Disability, Austrian Cultural Forum Budapest, H
  • 2018 Digital Crafting: MOME Transfer Lab International Group Exhibition, Tallinn DesignWeek
  • 2012 International group exhibition, Schmuck DE.  Munich, What is in frame? | Gisbert Sach and Lőrincz Réka (contemporary jewellery) Dezső Renáta (3D projection mapping)
  • 2012 Group exhibition 2012, 10 contemporary jewellery artist + 10 visual artists = 10 objects at Filter Gallery | projection mapping on Réka Lőrincz contemporary objects
  • 2011 International group exhibition / Video mapping with Bordos Artworks Videomapping the Republic Square in Yerevan at Armenia’s Independence Day Videomapping the Art Museum of Timisoara
  • 2011 Group exhibition 2011, 3D video installation, Sterling gallery’ LIGHT’ Krisztián Ádám jewellery artist Renáta Dezső video installation
  • 2011 International exhibition, VLS Video Mapping Trophy Paris Heavent Centrum / final show



  • 2022 Program lead at MOME for Consortium membership in ABRAx Erasmus+ Erasmus Mundus Design Measures / Complex and Adaptive Systems Across Robotics, Biology, Art and Design, (Erasmus+ Erasmus Mundus Design Measures)
  • 2022 Erasmus+ Staff mobility for Teaching at Bezalel academy of arts and design, Jerusalem
  • 2020 DesignFiction Workshop MOME Design Institute and MOME Theoretical Studies Institute, Co-Lecturer with: Jozsef Tillmann, Akos Schneider, Zsolt Miklosvölgyi, Villo Turcsany, Edit Blaumann
  • 2020 Masters supervision James Carcass FUTUREFACE
  • 2020 Clay 3D printing MOME Digital Lab workshop
  • 2019 Guest Lecture (En) at Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien, title: “Critical Theory throughout Design, Art+Science and Disability Studies”(
  • 2019 Co-Lecturer and course coordinator – interdisciplinary and international cooperation with MOME and the University of Applied Arts Vienna.
  • 2019 Lecturer, course coordinator–”data physicalisation” or “physical visualisation” Digital Crafting at MOME Digital Lab | 3D scanning, Mesh Modelling + 3D printing, MOME, Budapest
  • 2018 Co-Lecturer with Andras Mohacsi Dla Habil. – Space experiences program, MOME, Budapest
  • 2018 Lecturer and course coordinator – Microworld Structures | 3D printing and research, MOME, Budapest
  • 2018 Masters supervision Annabori Lanyi  PlayBALL
  • 2018 Co-Lecturer and course coordinator – Knowledge Sharing Exchange Program between MOME and the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Invited Lecturers: Fanni Csernatony, Ruth MATEUS-BERR ao. Univ.-Prof. Mag. art. Dr Phil. University of Applied Arts Vienna
  • 2017 Co-Lecturer and course coordinator with Fanni Csernatony and Balint Veres PhD Habil. Managing director at MOME Doctoral School – ‘Design For Care’ course, MOME, Budapest + Hack for Care workshop with Fanni Csernatony
  • 2017 Lecturer, course coordinator –3D modelling, MOME, Budapest
  • 2016 Lecturer–- 2D modelling, laser cutting through mask making, MOME, Budapest


  • 2023 ABRA symposium – “What transdisciplinary knowledge looks like”
  • 2022 Participated in the Artificial Biology, Robotics, and Art (ABRA) Workshop Series. Organisers: Aalborg University, Aalto University, Trento University, and the Institute of Advanced Design Studies (ADES)
  • 2022 Invited Artist: Umwelt Art&Science International Summer Academy, Szent-György Hegy, Balaton (H)
  • 2022 Erasmus+ Staff mobility for training Multiplier event of the INNO-TEC-LAB project at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, in Helsinki,
  • 2021 Practitioner at EU Craft Hub: Maker Exchange Residencies virtual residency program (
  • 2021 Erasmus+ mobility, visit GLASS SYMPOSIUM ANNÍN
  • 2020 NORDES Summer School 2020 / COLLECTIVES. Designing beyond the individual (
  • 2020 RtD in Situ: Discussing the Domains and Impact of Design Research in conjunction with DIS 2020
  • 2020 DIS conference, Designing for the End of Life of IoT Objects, the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom ( Submitted work title: Translational symmetry and contrasting account in abilities between IoT device and its user?
  • 2019 Erasmus+ mobility proposal preparation workshop for European cooperation in science and technology. (Proposal reference: OC-2019-1-23717) at ELISAVA Barcelona
  • 2019 Erasmus+ mobility for Consortium Meeting Agenda Innovative Training Networks (ITN) MARIE Skłodowska-CURIE ACTIONS founding proposal at KU Leuven.
  • 2017 Becoming Disabled: A performative workshop and installation | Camino Events, Research Pavilion, Venice 30.6.-1.7.2017 | organizers: Liisa Jaakonaho & Kristina Junttila
  • 2003-2009 Work Experiences, living in Torino, Italy



  • 2019 peer-reviewing two articles for the Design Education Forum of Southern Africa, DEFSA conference proceedings.