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Meet the dynamic quartet that forms our passionate crew, each bringing their unique talents and experiences to this great collaboration. Together, we are a passionate and diverse team, ready to embark on an exciting journey into the world of Non-Bionormative Prosthesis. Stay tuned as we share our adventures, challenges, and discoveries on this captivating path of design and innovation.

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Diana Hubska

The educational journey of Diana Hubska began at the Academy of Arts and Design in Kharkiv, Ukraine, where she studied multimedia design. Currently, she’s pursuing her Interaction Design MA degree at MOME in Budapest. Diana’s true passion lies in animation and 3D design. She enjoys bringing her creative ideas to life through digital artistry. Alongside her creative pursuits, Diana is also curious about the transhumanism movement and has a keen interest in the usability of Non-Bionormative Prosthesis.

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Péter Bunford

Péter Bunford graduated from his BA degree in Film and Media at MATE’s Kaposvár Campus. During his studies, he began to take an interest in 3D modelling and animation. Furthermore, he has a strong interest in sociology, history, understanding human existence, post- and transhumanism, and also he is keen on game design. Peter is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Animation at MOME in Budapest, with the aim of improving his storytelling abilities and expressing himself more proficiently through 3D modeling.

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Kristhel Ramos

Kristhel Ramos began her education in art and design in Lima-Perú, where she studied graphic design. She participated in many illustration exhibitions and created her own brand of illustrated projects while working in a design office. After a few years of working in advertising, branding and web design, Kristhel decided to study abroad to experiment with different cultures and languages. She started her studies at the Master of Integrated Design in Germany. She is currently at MOME on an Erasmus exchange in the Interaction Design MA programme. Kristhel is always looking for an opportunity to combine her artistic craft background with digital design solutions and to explore empathy, identity and cultural perception.

Our process

Sensitivity training

At Biomods, we’re on a mission to make prosthetic limbs that really work for people with disabilities. To do this, we need to understand what they need. We partnered with Luca Szabados, who taught us a lot about her needs. We also worked with a teacher from a school for kids with disabilities. Together, we did activities that helped us see what life is like for them.

In one activity, we drew pictures without talking. We had to use a special object to work together. This helped us learn that talking isn’t the only way to understand each other. We also tried to talk using our hands and pictures. This showed us that we can communicate in many ways, even without words.

All of these experiences have made us better at designing prosthetic limbs. We want to create things that really help people.