Co-Ability doctoral research was selected to take part in the D.Doc case studies

D.Doc Erasmus+ strategic partners (Loughborough University, Aalto University, Middle East Technical University, Sapienza University) ) exploit the existing but largely inaccessible breadth and depth of information relating to the design doctorate. Fourteen Research through Design Case Studies (HERE) with abstract, summary PDF with link to thesis and video interview with researcher (HERE) to explore motivations, challenges and highlights of the doctoral journey.


Overview of the 2022/23 doctoral landscape in EU of 943 on-going doctorates in 173 institutions offering doctorates in design.

Research through Design

Contributors of case studies are an opportunity to provide more in-depth insights into design research. Topics covered in the selected 14 interview were devised to explore issues such as their motivation to study at a particular institution and why they chose a particular type of doctorate, such as Research through Design.