Research through Design


Aligned arguments for the dissolution of a human “centre”

The term ‘co-Ability’ is rooted in the critical approach of posthuman disability studies outlined by scholars such as Rosi Braidotti (2013). It serves as a broad umbrella term under which we can reconsider the potentials of various entities (biological and artificial) enhancing the shared competence rather than dwelling on the oppressive nature of human-centred norms.

Doctoral Research at MOME

To generate critical and new insights into our value system in human-centred societal challenges the experimental approach of Research through Design and the power of critical disability studies explores philosophical and strategic possibilities to understand the concept of co-Ability.


Reflective Robotics

The latest work explores the co-Ability phenomenon in soft robotics, combining digital crafting 3D printed soft elements, and merging art, science, and engineering through the ABRA_education (Artificial Biology, Robotics and Art) project. On display at the 'Alchemy of Knowledge - Transdisciplinary entanglements of Artificial Biology, Robotics, and Art' exhibition in AQB Project Space, Budapest.