ABRA Exhibition 2023
Daniel Szalai – Algorithmic Alchemy of Cows
Renata Dezso – Co-Ability / Aberrant behaviour in system aesthetic
Aska Mayer, Johanna Møberg Lauritzen – Estroextract – Speculative protocols on care and contamination of (human) bodies of water
Katri Naukkarinen, Aurora Del Rio – Decay Cyphers
Edit Blaumann, Marija Sumarac, Sólja Holm Mortensen – Rabarba
Maros Pekarik, Andrea Tesanovic – Molecular Theatre performance
Hege Tapio – EMPATH performance

Alchemy of Knowledge Transdisciplinary entanglements of Artificial Biology, Robotics, and Art

An exhibition of multi medial works of art, science and engineering, created by the multidisciplinary students of the ABRA (Artificial Biology, Robotics and Art) project.
ABRA is an Erasmus+ consortium project aiming to develop transdisciplinary education methods by entangling scientific research, art and technologies such as artificial biology, robotics, artificial intelligence, and material sciences. The project is a frontier in higher education, forging, testing and maturing the transdisciplinary approaches that will enable a new generation of specialists building sustainable societies and environments. Through focused training and a series of hands-on international workshops, our educators and learners tackle the skills-gaps with the aim of finding sustainable solutions within the ABRA disciplines. The emerging entanglements pose new questions and experiment with new solutions crossing research, co-creation and design.

The exhibition features the collaborative works of the students, faculty and experts who had worked jointly across the fields of science, technology, art, design, and cultures. The exhibition also showcases the methods and practices of higher education that were researched and tested during the ABRA project. These works narrate how we may bridge the art and science for enhanced sustainability and renewal of education.

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ABRA Exhibition 2023