Ideation and Directions

During the project, we learned a lot from Luca, who responded to our questions about his work and daily life. She shared the challenges she faces in various areas and her own solutions to them. Based on these insights, we have decided to go into two different directions, one focused on the arm extension, and one focused on the use of her knee during her costume design work process.

Umbrella accessory

For the arm extension, we decided to add the umbrella function.

Workflow equipment

Creating a functional workspace on the surface of the knee.



We explored various avenues to tackle the umbrella-holding issue. One approach involved designing a device attached to the existing node, enabling Luca to hold the umbrella while keeping one hand free. However, we faced a challenge as this method restricted the umbrella to a right-angle position, causing fatigue for Luca over time. To address this, we proposed an alternative by relocating the object to a different part of the body, such as the back. We developed a preliminary model to visualize this concept, necessitating a more intricate solution incorporating both textile and 3D elements in the object.

Direction TWO


Another concept pertains to Luca’s involvement in costume design, focusing on addressing sewing challenges. Luca frequently engages the knee during work, which can potentially result in injuries. The proposed object for the knee seeks to streamline this process while providing protection for the body part. Like the earlier concept, this object combines textile and 3D elements, and additionally integrates magnets for needle collection. It comprises two rigid components connecting to the thigh and calf, with a thicker textile lining the surface of the knee.



Acknowledging the imperfections in our current solutions, we hold the view that our journey has been invaluable, providing a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals and challenges inherent in prosthetic design. This experience underscores the significance of deliberate personalization in our endeavors. While we don’t disregard the existing limitations, we recognize the lessons learned in navigating the intricacies of this field, emphasizing the importance of tailored approaches to meet individual needs.