Group One

1st post

Group One / First approach, discovery


“When something is not in the norm that’s what gives you the possibility to learn.”

Dezső Renáta


Our team has been immersed in a field that was unknown to the most of us: the conception of prosthesis. As part of the Exploring Non-Bionormative Prosthesis Design course, interactive activities and exchanges with specialists enabled us to approach this research with new perspectives.

The Team

Marine is studying Object Design at the EESAB (Ecole d’Art Supérieure Européenne de Bretagne) in Rennes, France. Currently at MOME as an Erasmus student in the Product Design department.

Bulcsú is a Product Design master student at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME), Budapest.

Andrea studies Visual Communication at HEAD-Genève (Haute Ecole d’Art et Design), in Geneva, Switzerland. Currently an Erasmus student at MOME in the Media Design department.


Analyze of the prototypes

We met Luca and got to work with Renáta Desző’s prototypes for the first time, discovering how these objects are assembled and how they work.

Discussion with Luca about the limitations in her actions

First group discussion with Luca, understanding of objects that are easy to handle and difficult to use for her, choice of initial avenues of research.

Sensitivity training with Anita Takar

Meeting with Anita Takar, a specialist educator for disabled children. She presented and let us handle a range of personnalized objects that make everyday life easier for these children and help them to develop their motor and communication skills.

Start of ideation

More, soon…