Renata Dezso™

Renata Dezso is a Doctoral Candidate at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest (MOME). In her research, she examines the methodological approach of Research through Design(RtD) with a reflective and philosophic dimension of Critical Disability Studies. Her work points to the junctures where technology, bodies, and cultural theory intersect to understand the unconscious elements in posthuman transformations. Her research experience includes Critical Technical Practice (CTP) on the use of technology and the design of technology grounded in Digital Craft. Renata also works to oversee, develop, and expand the MOME Object design BA at MOME Design Institute.

Research through Design — Arts & Craft — Critical Disability Studies— Academic & Everyday Practice — sustainAbility — co-Ability — Social Innovation


To generate critical and new insights to our value system in human-centred societal challenges the experimental approach of Research through Design and the power of critical disability studies explores philosophical and strategic possibilities to understand the concept of co-Ability.


With the methodological approach of co-design framework, I point to the junctures where technology, bodies, and cultural theory intersect in a decentralised soft assembly in which disability, technology, and design act as equal partners in determining co-Abled formations.


An exploration of the problems of construction in which form and visual appearance must carry a deeper, more integrative argument that unites aspects of art, engineering and natural science, and the human sciences.

Photo by: Marcell Kazsik
Design/Craft & Science


Aligned arguments for the dissolution of a human “centre“

I introduce the term ‘co-Ability’ that is rooted in the critical approach of posthuman disability studies outlined by scholars such as Rosi Braidotti. It serves as a broad umbrella term under which we can reconsider the potentials of various entities (biological and artificial) enhancing the shared competence rather than dwelling on the oppressive nature of human-centred norms.

Testing prosthesis prototypes with Luca Szabados, photo by Andras Ladocsi

Digital Making and Material Manipulation

I work in interoperable cycles between digital and analogue creative processes with an interwoven reality explored from every angle.

The material conditions of digital craft are considered to be a process rather than a product, which leads to realizing why design is more than an interface between a material object/world and its use.