'head' + 'hand' + 'materials' + 'tools'

unpredictable vessels

Unpredictable vessels are intentionally created with irregular shapes, forms, and surfaces, and are characterized by their organic, asymmetrical shapes. By embracing the unpredictable nature of the meltedglass medium, I aim to create vessels that blur the line between art and functionality, and that challenge our traditional notions of what constitutes beauty and form. These series are applied statements of Renata Dezso’s theoretical position of co-Ability. The manifestation of how the ‘head’ + ‘hand’ + ‘materials’ + ‘tools’ connects the intangible know-how while critically addressing the transversal form of non-synthetic understanding of the relational bond that connects us with our environment.

The resulting vessels manifest the intangible cultural heritage of glassblowing, connecting generations, and the interplay among biological and artificial elements providing a sense of sharing a common cultural cohesion within. A reflection of my belief that we are all connected to the natural and artificial world around us. Through my use of molten glass, I explore the relationship between humans and nature, and seek to create pieces that challenge our understanding of the world and our place in it.

Both of these mediums are deeply intertwined, and they serve as a means of exploring the complex relationship between humans, the artificial and the natural world. Through my work, I aim to challenge our preconceptions and to create a deeper understanding of the world around us.